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Reference Letter

To whom it may concern:


This letter is to support the candidacy of Jean Carlo Morales. He is one of our finest students, and he possesses intelligence, industry, and intuitive creativity. I have worked closely with Jean Carlo for two years, and have witnessed the growth and conceptual development of his work. He is very talented in various painting and drawing techniques, and has already developed a unique and original voice in his artwork. He is quite ambitious, and has a solid work ethic. He seeks out challenging criticism, and participates fully and fairly in critiques. He has a firm foundation in art history and contemporary theory.


A very curious, talented, perspective studio artist, in touch with and growing number of other creative artists of his generation. His work is at the frontiers of contemporary studio practice. He crafts hybrid processes that join painting techniques with collage and street art. Each work moves into new areas and engages a new range of ideas, and it is exciting to watch his rapid development, and growing sophistication. He reads voraciously and writes very well, and expresses his ideas with clarity and precision.

He is poised to make great strides in his studio work and intellectual development. He is extremely skilled, quick, resilient, and unfailingly dependable. He is very cooperative and effective in collaboration efforts. He gets along well with others, and helps to engender unity of purpose in our area. He is patient and compassionate, and is an effective mentor and instructor. His industry stands as an example of innovation and achievement for our students. Jean Carlo is reliable in the execution of maintenance tasks required by our program. He is tolerant, supports diversity, and is curious about different ideas and opinions. He has experience with other cultures, and is interested in varied modes of approach and media. His most striking attribute is his constant focus on the development of his creative projects. Jean Carlo is a pleasure to work with, and I give him my very highest recommendation.


Thank you,

John Bowman,

(Head of Drawing and Painting Department at Pennsylvania State University.)

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